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PROS / It is a module-based system, so you can completely customize your accounting solution from CYMA.

CONS / Small-business owners may find this software challenging to use.

VERDICT / This accounting software is comprehensive and complex, and it is most suitable for experienced accountants. It is not as ideal for small business owners looking for an all-in-one, out-of-the-box accounting solution.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Small Business Accounting Software here.

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The latest version, version 14, of this small business accounting software was released in 2014 and includes over 300 enhancements, corrections and improvements for all facets of the software. This accounting software has improved tools for managing workers' compensation. CYMA also added more than 100 payroll-processing enhancements and an improved employee self-service system.

CYMA Systems is a time-tested accounting software company with more than 30 years' experience producing Windows-based accounting solutions. CYMA offers module-based solutions developed utilizing formal accounting methods. Traditionally trained accountants can appreciate what this software can do. However, small business owners with little accounting experience have to overcome a learning curve to maximize this software's potential, which is less intuitive than many other services we reviewed. CYMA was primarily developed for mid-sized businesses, non-profits and CPA firms.

The accounting modules offered by CYMA include accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, billing, general ledger, inventory control, job costing, payroll, purchase order, human resources and sales order. For non-profits, it also offers a grant-tracking module. For project-based industries, CYMA provides a project-tracking module. All modules can be accessed through the control center. Module solutions are beneficial to large organizations because you only need to purchase the modules your company needs and only for those who need access to them. All-in-one solutions are more suitable for smaller companies that may only have one person essentially managing all departments.

Those familiar with online accounting solutions or basic billing and invoicing software can find CYMA a bit clunky in terms of navigation. In addition, it does not have the workflow presentation that Sage and QuickBooks customers are accustomed to using. CYMA simply lists the modules along the left side of the control center, and you drag them into the workspace to use the tools included within them.

Access to tools is presented in a file-tree format with plus/minus signs for expanding or retracting lists of tools. Once you get used to where things are located, the layout is easy to navigate. However, those new to accounting might find the layout frustrating if they do not know exactly what processes are included in accounts payable or in the sales order area. Newer accounting software for small businesses presents actions as something like "money in" and "money out" to help small business owners know how to process transactions. Nonetheless, if you are an experienced CPA, you will have no problem understanding how this software operates and how all the modules work together.

CYMA has all basic accounting features covered and then some. Beyond basic accounting, it can also manage human resources, project tracking, inventory control and job costing. The payroll module is compatible with the human resource module as well as a few third-party HR solutions. For CPAs, CYMA provides tools for working with multiple clients. The inventory module is particularly comprehensive and can manage multiple warehouse locations, multiple price levels per item, inventory assemblies, pick lists and custom data fields. CYMA integrates with StarShip to ship your products using a choice of popular carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS.

CYMA does not offer integrations for processing credit card payments, document management or a mobile interface as many software we reviewed offer. Third-party integrations include time-tracking software, backup services, direct deposit services, Point-of-Care solutions, donation tracking tools, POS software and shipping software. In terms of banking, CYMA can import common financial file types, print checks, manage electronic payments and prepare bank deposits.


If you are looking for a software-based accounting solution that incorporates formal accounting methods and the ability for CPAs to manage their clients, CYMA is a good choice. This software has been carefully developed over the last 30 years to manage complex accounting processes and reporting for mid-size organizations and CPA firms. However, if your company only includes you or a handful of people – or especially a mobile workforce – this small business bookkeeping software may not be ideally suited for you. It is intended for those with traditional accounting experience and companies with complex accounting needs.

CYMA Accounting Software Visit Site