Bookkeeper, offered at low price by Avanquest, includes all major accounting modules such as accounts payable/receivable, payroll, inventory, reporting, time and job billing, and purchasing. The advantage is that you do not have to purchase these modules separately. They are all included and work together. The software has a workflow layout that you may be familiar with if you have used Intuit or Sage products. Bookkeeper is simple to use and light enough to run on most systems – even older XP machines.

This accounting program has slipped a bit in our review lineup – not because it has changed, but because it has not improved much in the last two years and is not scalable. Our higher-ranked products constantly evolve to suit their customers' needs and are able to grow with your company. However, the newest version of Bookkeeper is compatible with QuickBooks and Quicken formats, which could be helpful if you need to share data with an accountant who uses QuickBooks. This software is not an online solution, but it can send invoices and estimates via online email accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo.

We will retest this software if a new version comes out in Q1 of 2015; however, at this time, the software has experienced few changes since our previous series of tests. In terms of basic accounting, it can create invoices, save customer and vendor information, produce general ledger and journal reports, print shipping labels, configure payroll and track inventory. Many of the forms include the ability to add custom fields, and you can store images with item files. It has quick search tools for finding any type of data.

A more recently added, helpful tool gives you the ability to store customer snapshots that show customers' details, such as their transaction history, open invoices and payment history. If you are on a tight budget, plan on nominal growth and do not need to connect a POS solution to your accounting software, Bookkeeper may work for you. It can create professional-looking invoices and provide insightful reports. We have been testing this accounting software for five years and have always found it simple to use and quite functional.

Bookkeeper does not offer compatible mobile or online options with this software, but it does work with a few useful add-ons. It comes with free backup tools, labeling software and a card reader. You can add credit card processing, payroll tax software and check printing. It can export data to Excel but beyond that, it offers little integration with other software such as Word, Outlook, online backup services, mobile platforms or tax software.

Bookkeeper Summary:

Bookkeeper has fundamental accounting mastered. It is an affordable option for small organizations to invoice clients, track customers and manage payments. It can configure payroll, and it provides more than 125 preconfigured reports to give business owners insight into the inner workings of their companies. However, it is ill suited for a company that is looking to expand or is aimed to move toward a complex, cloud-based solution. Nevertheless, if you just have basic accounting needs to satisfy, Bookkeeper can handle them easily.

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Bookkeeper 2012

This accounting software includes all basic accounting modules you need to run a small organization. It can prepare invoices, manage inventory and prepare payroll. Bookkeeper can generate more than 125 reports easily and process credit card transactions.

Bookkeeper is not scalable. This is the only version offered; Avanquest does not provide enterprise or cloud-based versions. In addition, the software only receives minor updates.

The Verdict:

For the price, this is a decent accounting program. Bookkeeper includes a familiar workflow-type interface and can easily manage basic accounting tasks. You can add the ability to import bank records, process credit cards and configure payroll taxes.